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The Children - Extra Curricular Activities

I came across some videos on Youtube that showed the Kingston College Chapel Choir in concert with Christ Church Choir from Oxford (England), performing at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Jamaica 2007. It once again drove home the point to me the importance of extra-curricular activities in schools.

The photo below is an old photo as we now have a new choirmaster; I just wanted one that showed our former choirmaster 'The Great Wayne Moore' and of course one with me in it.


Don't take extra-curricular activities lightly because they help to shape the lives of children as they transition out of school. These activities help the thought process and also help young people to look beyond the obvious. Further to this-and I don't need a study to tell me-it encourages good social behaviour and logical thinking. The cadet, choir, athletics, football, basketball, chess club, key club, dance troupe, swimming, drama, whatever it is, get your child to do something at school.

If I learnt one thing from my choirmaster 'The Great Wayne Moore' was to have patience and work hard until you achieved what you wanted. There were a set of choristers who came in around the years 1985-1986 who were quite rebellious and radical at the time. I won't divulge the names of the choristers but Dave Dacosta, Wayne McCook, Stephen Dennis, Carlyle Brown, Michael Lewis, and myself have an idea of who those choristers were. Now having to deal with my one child makes me appreciate all that Mr. Moore went through and did for us. I couldn't understand for a long time how he put up with us for so long, but listening to the choir makes it quite clear why he did.

I left KC in the 1990's and continued with the choir for almost another 15 years (voluntarily as is still the case with current old boys in the choir), such was the strong link with me, the choir and the school. Only time constraints forced me to back off; which many choristers experienced over the years. I mentioned in a previous post, how Teddy McCook alluded to the obligation I had to the choir once I joined.

There was a conversation between some of us from that era on the pieces we attempted while we were still students at KC. These pieces were major pieces also attempted by some of the most illustrious choirs and orchestras on the planet. Some of us did formal music training in an instrument; very few though, most of the others learnt music at KC in the choir. Attempting and doing these pieces at concerts seemed just part of our school curriculum, nothing major. I now look back and realize what we actually did and what the choir is still doing. The link below is one such piece 'Zadok the Priest'.

This is not a KC message, I just used the KCCC to bring home my point on the importance of extra-curricular activities in schools.


Big up current choirmaster Audley Davidson for helping to foster the KCCC legacy.

KC chapel choir at Songs of Praise CD launch

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