Sunday, 17 March 2013

Champs 2013: Embodying the KC Spirit

Congratulations Calabar on a well organized, well executed victory.

Congratulations Holmwood Girls on a gutsy victory.

The only way I could have enjoyed these Championships more than I did was if Kingston College won. Nevertheless, it has been quite some time that I enjoyed myself as I did on the final day of the Championships.

I arrived at Champs between 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm and the KC contingent cheered nonstop until the end of Champs.

After the penultimate day, I think most of us (KC) knew it would be difficult overhauling Calabar on the final day. Both Cbar and JC were getting multiple people in the finals of most events, while we had probably one or none in some events. There were events we had two athletes in the final, but JC and Cbar had more athletes in more events; that was basically a no-brainer and it would have been just too many mistakes to ask of JC and Cbar. These Champs were basically a three horse race.

This obviously didn't matter to the KC supporters as we cheered and sang as if there was no tomorrow. Even when there was no activity on the track or field there was the cheering by the KC contingent.

What was amazing was that you could not tell if a KC athlete participating was leading or trailing, had just won or just lost, the cheer was the same volume throughout all events. This is where the ultimate KC spirit lies; in the win, lose or draw mentality. The cheers were just as loud even if we were not in the event; this is where the embodiment of the Champs spirit kicked in.

We had a lot to cheer about nonetheless as the many records KC broke will attest to. The link below shows where 239 of the 247.5 points came from; none of our boys I will leave out. Each point was of equal importance; I will not single out anyone in this post.

The fortitude of our athletes and the support from the KC contingent really make me proud. I read recently that 'Purple is not a colour, it is an experience you have to live to understand'.

This is my first blog that I sound so.....KC, because I don't want anyone to get it twisted about KC being upset at losing Champs, far from it. There is no talk of what could have been or might have been, we put in work and achieved as usual.

Special thanks to GraceKennedy for sponsoring these Championships and to ISSA for a well organized event.

Special thanks to the media houses that have changed how we now view and digest these Championships; I continue to be impressed.

Special thanks to all coaches, teachers, parents, KCOB chapters here and there without whom none of the amazing performances would have been possible.

Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Potest


Omar McLeod of Kingston College gets a kiss from his mother Arnella Morris after he broke the 110 Class One Boys 110m hurdles record - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

Photo by Ricardo Makyn

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