Thursday, 28 March 2013

Life After The Costa Rica Episode March 26

Analyzing our performance against Costa Rica to me would be an exercise in futility. I could just replace the word Panama with Costa Rica in the blog I did after our game against Panama. We were tactically outmaneuvered once again. We are playing as if we got an automatic berth into Rio 2014 and are just fulfilling the fixtures; that is how we look.

Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico play very similar styles of football; this is nothing new. Short snappy passes, possession football, crowding defense, and packed midfield, this is a given. I can't really pin down what the hell type of football we are playing. I can't identify a style of football we are currently using. One thing is certain, nobody else is playing our style of football. For now I will just call it 'The Unidentifiable Style'.....TUS.

We can recap with the blog post below about a football philosophy that is needed in Jamaica.

More pressure will befall Tappa if he continues to NOT find answers for the tactics of the opponents. What I am quite amazed at is how we can clearly see what the opposition is doing against us, but we can't quite decipher what it is the Reggae Boyz are trying to do; in all fairness I only saw a strategy in the Mexico game.

Only if your team is ULTIMATELY SUPERIOR to everyone else you can afford to play the same way all the time (Barcelona/Spain). However, if you are the Reggae Boyz, you play according to your opponents strengths and weaknesses. Hence, Tappa will have to buy, rent, borrow or steal some shrewdness like right now. The opponent has to be dissected, analyzed, weakened and beaten; my new mantra 'do unto other teams what they are currently doing to us'.

Tappa is now becoming like my son, no matter what I tell him to do he refuses and it comes around to bite him. I put forward a strategy to counterattack the Costa Rica team, he chose to do his own thing and we see what happened......2 inna wi gizzad (there's the bite).

We have made absolutely no preparation for the loss of any of our key players and I spoke to this quite early on, but is Tappa listening?

I gave you the team and strategy for didn't listen.

I gave you the team and strategy for Costa didn't listen.

Against my better judgement I am once again going into my strategy bag, to produce the team and strategy for Mexico June 4, and if you don't listen this time.......I can't be held responsible.

Tappa, as soon as I have prepared it I will contact you.

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