Monday, 24 February 2014

Gibson Relays 2014


Bolt yet to open his season......hmmmmmmm

The Gibson Relays 2014 by all indication was a resounding success. I liked the order, the performances and the camaraderie. There are so many good stories that happened February 22, it really look like Boys and Girls Champs 2014 a guh.....tun ovah.

One of the many things that stood out was a gallant run by the Manchester female athlete on the second leg of their 4x200 heat 2 Girls Open. Cramp hold on to this athlete left leg and she stumbled a bit, shrugged it off and handed over to the 3rd leg runner, grimacing with every step; Manchester came a close third at the end. Memories of Bertland Cameron came rushing back. When I see athletes perform in this way I tend to get emotional a bit because that is showing pure heart and leaving 150% on the track.

Why are some athletes still running barefoot? Cake sale and raffle can gwan a di school inuh......mi not calling no names here. The athletes must not come to stadium a run barefoot. Zola Budd would love to see the athletes wear shoes now although shi never did like run inna none,

I saw some very tall athletes running for Port Morant and these athletes really look ideal for middle distance running. One of them almost look like Asbell Kiprop son, Their loping strides look perfect for those events.

Xavier Boland a gwan good in the pole vault, a lot of promise there. His meet record of 4.42m shows he is no slouch in that event.

Christoffe Bryan in the high jump repeated his personal best of 2.20m. Recurring decimal for this athlete, big talent.

I need to see our female long jumpers attacking the board a little more.

What can I say about the KC class 2 or the Calabar class 3 or Calabar duo of Donkeyman and O'hara. Anyone trying to follows these people will certainly blow a gasket. Barring injury, this years' Boys and Girls Champs will be exciting and breathtaking. I just want to see these athletes at their best. It is a privilege to watch these athletes perform.

That Wolmers Girls class 2 anchor leg runner in the 4x100 relay is just phenomenal, she dug deep once again to overhaul the leader; Shauna Helps big up yuself.

However, I still contend that KC will win the Class 1 4x100m at Champs. We were much too close to Calabar with Mr Anguilla (Zarnel Hughes) missing. And O'hara in my estimation can't run past Mr Anguilla if he gets the baton before him; once he is sound.

These athletes show promise of epic proportions, and I see the changing of the guards regarding our sprinting going smoothly for decades to come. Also I think we have enough ammunition in our young athletes physique to take a serious crack at the middle distance races.

Yohan Blake look good early in the season and Warren Weir finally pacing himself properly over 400m. Once again Glen Mills methods can't be questioned. Javier Bell nearly injured himself and Yohan on the final leg of the 4x400 relay. Javier can run by Yohan over 400m, no need to force the issue trying to go by Yohan on the inside. Yohan slammed the door (no room was there anyway) and both runners almost fell. At the end of the race Yohan was visibly upset, frankly so was the Gibson Relays crowd.

I want to say congratulations to the Planning Committee of the Gibson Relays 2014 for a splendid event. And the dedication of the games to the memory of our beloved Neville Teddy McCook was quite noble.

I look forward to the coming years.

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Friday, 7 February 2014

Vashon Throws At Champs......What A Surprise

What a surprise.........Vashon is cleared by Ascot Principal Murray to throw at Champs. I think Shakespeare had written 'Much ado about nothing', a suh that guh?

There is not much I can write on this because it was just a big waste of time for Principal Murray to

1. Make such a pronouncement and
2. Put the youngster and his family through unnecessary stress.

I think I know what happened in the board meeting to facilitate the discussion between Principal Murray and the Vashon delegation.

It may have gone like this.....Principal Murray, Vashon needs to throw at Champs, so you may need to get off your high horse and do some backpedalling.

Frankly I am just glad that this is now behind the athlete and he can now really focus on producing his best. Although, what has happened in the recent past didn't seem to faze Vashon at all, he just kept racking up win after win after win.

A special big up to Dianna Lennon on supporting her child.....real woman. Coach Vassell keep on doing what yu doin'. Much more in store from this athlete and he will need the support.

My only contention is that nobody had to even hear about this scenario. Principal Murray could have called the meeting long ago (just as he did now, albeit under duress) and this would have been squashed long ago.

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