Wednesday, 7 May 2014


I am somewhat confused as to why fans would go to a football match, hurl racial slurs, cause the club to get fined, and irritate people unnecessarily. Racism has no place anywhere. Nothing is wrong with feeling confident about oneself, our their race, but to think one's own race superior is basically ludicrous.

Mental conditioning may have a lot to do with how people feel about themselves, however, the human spirit somehow has to shine through if this world is going to get any better.

The last chess tournament I took my son to play, a lot of different races were represented and I watched all of them playing together on the basketball court, the monkey bars, the swings and even American football. Every time I see children from different racial and social backgrounds play like that, it reminds me that they have it right and most adults don't. 

It is now 2014 and the World still has people thinking in a vacuum, and it is not centred in a certain region. Racial slurs are thrown in England, Spain, seriously people. Footballers are there to entertain, let them do that. I would prefer the fans hurling insults like,  'you are the worst defender', 'my daughter could have saved that shot', 'you can't even keep a secret', 'him can't score to save him life', you know, normal insults like that without being disrespectful. If it is to get any worse, wait until you reach home invite your friends over and cuss all you want, but keep that to yourself.

Our beloved World Cup of Football 2014 will be held in a few weeks, and sadly some of these morons will attend. My hope is that with all the unrest that has happened in Brazil, and the race against time to have stadiums completed, we will see a splendid tournament.

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