Friday, 8 November 2013


Its been a while, but I felt compelled to write about this Nigeria U17 Boys team.

Frankly speaking they are phenomenal.....period!!!

They embody what many senior national teams should and strive to become, and mi nah tek back da talk deh. These young players are in supreme shape, and run well off the ball. They is wonderful to see them thinking on the field, and then capitalize on that thought process. They look at ease with the ball and their plans are quite clear. Also their technical ability is tremendous and for that age they are quite patient.

My only hope is that they are able to transition well beyond these years into the senior squad, and not fall victim like the other great African Youth teams that dominate and can't replicate in the senior tournaments.

This team is the Real Deal like Holyfield.

And special mention to their coach Manu Garba.

I look forward to the future of this team and hope that nothing denies it. I want to thank them for a wonderful tournament, it was really a pleasure watching this team play.

Nigeria 6 Mexico 1
Nigeria 3 Sweden 3
Nigeria 5 Irag 0
Nigeria 4 Iran 1
Nigeria 2 Uruguay 0
Nigeria 3 Sweden 0
Nigeria 3 Mexico 0

Tha side ya big!!!!

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