Friday, 7 February 2014

Vashon Throws At Champs......What A Surprise

What a surprise.........Vashon is cleared by Ascot Principal Murray to throw at Champs. I think Shakespeare had written 'Much ado about nothing', a suh that guh?

There is not much I can write on this because it was just a big waste of time for Principal Murray to

1. Make such a pronouncement and
2. Put the youngster and his family through unnecessary stress.

I think I know what happened in the board meeting to facilitate the discussion between Principal Murray and the Vashon delegation.

It may have gone like this.....Principal Murray, Vashon needs to throw at Champs, so you may need to get off your high horse and do some backpedalling.

Frankly I am just glad that this is now behind the athlete and he can now really focus on producing his best. Although, what has happened in the recent past didn't seem to faze Vashon at all, he just kept racking up win after win after win.

A special big up to Dianna Lennon on supporting her child.....real woman. Coach Vassell keep on doing what yu doin'. Much more in store from this athlete and he will need the support.

My only contention is that nobody had to even hear about this scenario. Principal Murray could have called the meeting long ago (just as he did now, albeit under duress) and this would have been squashed long ago.

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