Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Costa Rica 2 Jamaica 0 - Ah Bwoy

Tappa...Tappa...Tappa....can you hear me Tappa? I get the strange feeling Tappa is ignoring me.

I actually don't know where to start, and honestly this may be a very short blog.

Funny enough, we are still in this World Cup Campaign; we are just making things as hard as possible for ourselves.

There is basically nothing I can say/write that I have not said/written already; so I would basically be repeating myself. I picked the team, gave the strategy, what more can I do? ...........lol.

Friends, all I can say is just look at some of my previous blogs. I don't want to seem like I am berating my National team coach.

I don't think Tappa knows how much humiliation I have to endure (being an ardent Reggae Boyz fan) with results like these. I will just give one comment that a friend (A fool Dayton tek mi coach fah inuh) posted on Facebook to me, he wrote, 'Yow..Bell...a man say wid dem performance here wi definitely a go Rio........Rio Cobre'. How am I to endure things of this nature?

I have one question, who stole Tappa's tactics book? Bring it back now the nation is in need.

Somehow I know Tappa had his tactics book in Mexico, but it seems to have been misplaced. I am willing to go and help look for it.

Every other team is doing what they have to do, doing what they need to do......except Jamaica. This is very distressing.

Tappa, I gave you some advice already but there is one I think you should really take seriously. In the interest of our country I will put it here again.

  • Call Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho or Tito Vilanova and get some tips on how to use the players you have or get the players you need to carry out your game plan and strategy.

Friends I will have to endure the pain of watching this game again before I write anything else on it. I feel like someone gi mi two eayzaz box and mi disoriented. After Costa Rica scored the first goal everything became a blur.

Until then..............

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