Monday, 18 March 2013

Rumble at 'The Office' March 22

We are certain of two things that Panama have a proclivity to do; score early and surrender leads. Now on Friday March 22, 2013 I want them to not score and trail even at the final whistle.

Panama is playing well and seem to fear no other team. However, I think their achilles heel is letting in goals in the second half. We must exploit this at all cost; it seems their concentration wanes  between the 50th and 70th minute of play.

Jamaica needs to concentrate for long periods in this game and don't make silly mistakes that are going to cost us. We need to play just as tactical as we did in Mexico and 'nuh gi weh di baahl'.

Panama play the same way all the time, they run hard, they tackle hard, and they are clinical in front of goal. There is no room for errors with this team; they can hurt you, we know that all too well now.

G Gomez and B Perez seem to be their henchmen in front of goal, but defenders like R Torres are also scoring; that concerns me a bit, these guys are scoring from various positions on the field. There is only one forward among the three names I mentioned and that's B Perez.

This will be an acid test for the Reggae Boyz but I think our team is still stronger than Panama at this moment. The inclusion of Beckford, Doyley and Shelton (back from injury) in the squad really adds some much needed depth to the team.

For the full squad see link below

The Jamaica team looks good and strong and the atmosphere seems right for victory.


Photo from JFF website

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