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Bridging the Generation Gap by Mentoring

I have spoken and sang in front of crowds from 1985 as a member of the KCCC, various other choirs, as an event host, wedding emcee, dad, you just name it, I was always the designated 'speaker'.

Last night before I went to the Melbourne KC campus to give my little 'talk', I was so excited I almost could not sleep. The call to go was pretty sudden, but everything had to be put on pause, I had school duties to attend to.

Kenneth Peart 'Class of 2009' and one of the coaches of our present Schools Challenge Quiz team was also there giving his support just like me. I was 'Class of 1989', wow what a gap. Nevertheless, we were there in the same capacity and as they say age is just a number. This gentleman is currently doing Dentistry at UTECH and needless to say I'm impressed with what he is doing for KC, while still even a student himself.

My wife accompanied me and that helped quite a lot; she was the designated photographer. As with everything in life it is about balance.

The lads-a word used by our former headmaster Rev. Dr. Vivian Cohen quite a lot-were very attentive and involved; which was rather refreshing. I think it was the time of day being 8 am and all. If it were after lunch I would be dead meat.

I was able to hold their attention for close to an hour and they listened for over 90% of my time there. I made it interactive so many were afraid I would single them out and ask them questions (which i did), so they kept quiet most of the time.

I covered quite a number of areas which they seemed very interested in, these are the main ones, namely:

  • Punctuality (me talking about this is a first) 
  • Respect for tradition
  • Adhering to rules at home
  • Attending Church
  • Perseverance and Diligence
  • Extra Curricular Activity
  • Believing in Yourself

Extolling the virtues of attending KC and what it meant to be a part of the institution left me feeling spry. I explained to them that the full understanding will occur when they actually leave school; as it has happened for all of us Fortisans.

I want to thank Mr Prince (current Math teacher) for inviting me and I guarantee this won't be my last. Contribution of cash, kind or time is always welcome at KC and I want to encourage all the KC Chapters worldwide to continue their work for the school; it is the better for it.

On another note: Congratulations to Mr. Ian Wilkinson Q.C. on receiving his 'Instrument' (the Queen's Counsel Designation) March 14, 2013.
Ian Wilkinson

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