Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Barcelona: Beyond Football

This current Barcelona team IN MY VIEW have gone beyond being just another football team. I have harboured this thought for some time but their display against AC Milan in their second leg UEFA Champions League match has cemented this belief firmly in my mind.

I commented in Yardie Sports' synopsis of the game that I am sure that coaching manuals are being rewritten because of this team.

After losing 3 games I even heard people talking about the end of an era; I was really lost and wondered what the heck they were talking about. I think the coach's illness played a big part in their recent losses but they have found a way to now cope.

I admit that the 3 defeats (1 to AC Milan and 2 to Real Madrid) really shook up the establishment, but like any well capitalized business, they were able to ride out the storm. Barcelona tweeked the team for the return leg and my word the result says it all.

Belief in self and ones ability is something that can move mountains. I am in awe of this team for what they have done and what they continue to do. Their performance against Milan in the second leg was more than phenomenal, and more than impressive. I believed they could still beat Milan but I hoped for a sudden death scenario because I knew they could manage 2 goals against Milan; but a total demolition of 4, even I was amazed.

Barcelona aren't unbeatable, they just take a hell of a lot of beating. What now seems rather prophetic to me though were the utterances of the Milan camp; the president and coach. It was as if they knew 2 goals were not enough to get pass Barcelona. Statements like 'this tie is far from over' or 'Barca is still the best team in the world'.

This Barcelona team can be used in any classroom to explain what belief in self, tenacity, perseverance, concentration, patience, the common good, group think, how to follow instruction, creativity, using your initiative, and I could go on and on.

Basically this team is the new standard full stop; and they have the accolades and achievements to back that statement up.


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