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No Validation Needed; Although the Experts See It Too

In reading the Sunday Observer d/d March 24 I saw where the great Donovan Duckie and the equally great Calvin Lewis (I actually know him from our KC days as Dibble) echoed some of the things I posted in my previous blog. We differed on a few things, but we were on the same page for the most part.

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Observer link to article:

Duckie is a former Jamaica National U20 head coach and Calvin won the Jamaica National Premiere League title with Portmore United last year......I am nobody, just probably the loudest fan for the Reggae Boyz.

From Observer article by Howard Walker:
'Duckie also questioned the rationale of Doyley being left on the bench in favour of a converted midfielder Omar Daley playing right back after Nosworthy got injured'.

From my previous blog:
'Do not replace an injured vital central defender with a converted midfielder which in turn changes the chemistry of the backline. You brought other defenders from England, use them'.

'Bringing on Omar Daley was illogical, isn't Doyley a defender?'

From Observer article by Howard Walker:
'We (Reggae Boyz) never pressed and be aggressive, and it looked like Panama were at their home. When they (Panama) lost the ball they could bounce out, while we couldn't. One, two passes and we kick it upfield, said Duckie'.

From my previous blog and another blog about developing our own philosophy:
'We were not overalled by Panama; more like a little embarassed by them. At one point in time I forgot who was the home team'.

'Often times when we (Reggae Boyz) attack and are not successful it is as if we feel it obligatory to hand over the ball to the opponent so they can attack us'.

I remember when Croatia were trying to qualify for the World Cup 1998 and some members of their media weren't happy with team selection. Coach Miroslav Blasevic couldn't care less and actually finished 3rd in that World Cup tournament. I say that to say this, I hope nobody is TELLING Tappa who to select for my team. I further say that some of the decisions taken do not equate to football logic.

Duckie and Calvin were diplomatic in their utterances to show solidarity with Tappa (I can respect that).

When a team does well the players get the credit. When the team does poorly the coach gets the blame. Such is the nature of professional sports.

Tappa, remember pressure buss pipe.................

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