Saturday, 9 February 2013

Wingback Position: My Concern

We need outright and proper wingbacks in the National team setup. Our defence line sturdy right ya now, however, the leakage I saw especially down Demar Phillips' flank has me deeply concerned. We had good rotation from midfield filling the gaps at times but we had too many crosses coming in for our central defence to deal with; kudos to the central midfield for good defense work hence the Mexicans opting to go down the flanks. Demar seems to be a much better attacking player than defender; even though he is a defender at his club. A wingback can't possibly stop every attack down his flank, but I think too many opportunities came from that area for Mexico and thanks to disciplined marking and coverage in our defensive third we were able to deal with the danger. I wondered why Jermaine Taylor was out of the National team for so long and I am glad he is back in the team. However, IN MY VIEW, it is as if his mind goes blank at times and some decisions he makes befuddles me. Thanks to the consistency of the referee in the Mexico game he didn't award a penalty for the brave/dangerous challenge Jermaine made in the box. I really didn't see Jermaine touch any of the ball and I have seen defenders get piece of the ball in tackles like that and a penalty is still given. Also, under no pressure whatsoever, I see him make torrid passes out of the defense. it. Nevertheless, I like the purpose I saw the team play with Feb 6 against Mexico and I need this consistency in my National team going forward.