Monday, 18 February 2013

Jamaica Needs a Football Philosophy

In a Facebook post I did some time ago, I mentioned how I saw a Jamaican Football philosophy taking shape with Tappa Whitemore and how we as a nation need to support him in every way we can.

IN MY VIEW Tappa is still an inexperienced coach (I base this solely on the years he's been coaching) but that actually says nothing when you look at his record in our World Cup Qualifiers. Tappa has stood as head coach in 10 WCQ with 6 wins, 2 drawn, and 2 losses.

Obviously Tappa has something good going on here and it didn't hurt with Dr. Gama being here when he was either. Also, Alfredo Monteso's presence is also not hurting our cause.

My two cents is that we can't fully embrace a philosophy until we get this technical proficiency thing down pat. If we are going to move the ball fluently around the field, our passing game and control have to be in tip top shape.Then and only then can the players really express themselves and carry out the instructions that the coach gives. It goes without saying that there will be fit and match ready players on the field.

If we are developing an attack and it is thwarted by the opposition, I need to see us keeping this ball until we can launch another attack. Often times when we attack and are not successful it is as if we feel it obligatory to hand over the ball to the opponent so they can then attack us.


  • Ball possession under constant pressure
  • Two available passes to the man on the ball (even when marked)
  • Total command when controlling the ball (especially under pressure)
  • Accurate passing (especially under pressure)
  • Confidence in self on the ball
  • Group think - any player who has possession of the ball, all other players must know where they should be when the next pass is to be made (I can't mention Spain/Barcelona enough in this regard)
  • We can even invent our own formation and make it our own; as long as the triangles are ever present (to facilitate bullet 2)
The first 5 bullets cover the basic rudiments of football. The teams that perfect this are the most successful teams.

‎"It isn't about a specific coach. It's based on an idea, a top-down line of thinking that all the coaches follow. That's always been the way the academy has been run". This is what Lionel Messi had to say about Barcelona in an article by Stefan Coerts on

Our own philosophy is something we MUST develop. We need something like this for our country.

Where is the football academy?

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