Sunday, 10 February 2013

How Come?

He has blinding pace, lethal with both feet, can out jump most for a clean header, can control on a dime, and dribble down almost any defense line. These attributes in one player are mind-boggling. I speak of none other than Jermaine 'Teddy' Johnson. However, for some reason these attributes are not translating into meaningful output in the National Football team. Imagine maximum output from a player like this just behind the two forwards. And I go further, imagine a Jermaine Hue with a work rate of even 80% of Richard Austin (playmaker problem solved). We must mold even 6 players from our current youth setup to fit these two type of player profiles and ensure their confidence level is high. IN MY VIEW it is too late to change how Teddy and Jermaine play their game. If Hue is in the team, pressure is going to be on the other midfielders because he can't tackle unless he is going to foul. If Teddy is in the team we are going to be holding our breath waiting for the ball to be passed; which is after he finishes cursing out the referee for not blowing for a foul. Many may not like me criticizing their players it is. The two players can unlock any defense and they have done so on occasions......but, when the going gets tough, I don't see them. In this final round when our opponents are chomping at the bit and space & time are limited on the ball, I don't see them taking any part based on their history. The attributes these players have are desperately needed in our National Team but we need it when we need it. We don't need it sometimes, we need it when the coach calls upon them to produce it, especially against tough opponents.