Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Knowing The Enemy - Panama

Panama is proving to be a tough cookie in this World Cup campaign.

The have played 11 matches with only 1 loss (1 nil) which was to Canada who they beat on the return leg of that tie 2 nil.

They have won 7 games and drawn 3.

They have scored 23 times and conceded 6, and on six occasions the opponent was unable to score against them; two of these games were away games. On two occasions they have been unable to score.

The most significant thing I noticed about their stats was that they scored their go ahead goals between the 25th and the 45th minute of play; while they conceded the first goals between the 55th and 65th minute of play. I am sure Tappa will exploit this to the fullest.

They are actually scoring on average over 2 goals per game and conceding less than one (averages people nuh badda pressure mi).

Panama are a tough team and obviously come to play their best in every game. Nevertheless, I still see the great JAMAICA winning by a 2 goal margin March 22; and what I am certain of is that it won't be easy for us.

I will look at their danger men later on; and by the look of things is the whole

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