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My XI against Panama March 22

This team was constructed based on the pace of the Panamanians and how we will have to transition from offence to defense.

IN MY VIEW, all the players from the Mexico game have earned their place for the Panama game with the exception of the two Johnsons and Demar Phillips.

Jermaine Johnson should not find himself out of this team but I covered why I think he should not be in the starting lineup

Ryan Johnson needs to see the bench for at least a game based on the goal he muffed against Mexico; that can't go unpunished. He has done tremendous work but you will always be judged on your last performance. To use a word my friend Curtis Whittle loves to use...inexplicable.

Too many attacks came down Demar Phillips' flank against Mexico and I see this happening with great regularity should he be included in the lineup against Panama.

D. Ricketts
A. Mariappa
N. Nosworthy
J. Taylor
J. McAnuff
M. Elliott
G. McLeary
R. Austin
D. Richards
D. Mattocks
L. Palmer


                           Nosworthy                 Mariappa

            Taylor                        Austin                         Palmer

                          McLeary                         Elliott


                           Mattocks                      Richards                                  

The sheer pace of Dwayne Richards, Garath James McLeary and Darren Mattocks can trouble any defense line. This will be giving Panama things to think about while McAnuff and Austin come forward from the belly of the team if Richards, McLeary or Mattocks are used as a ploy on the flanks. Remember how McLeary whipped in the cross that opened up Mexico backline like a cupcake. I can envisage this happening regularly in the Panama game.

Mattocks needs to sort out this indiscipline Captain Burrell speaks of, because here is a perfect opportunity-IN MY VIEW-for him to prove he belongs in the starting lineup.

My inclusion of Mrs. Bridgette Foster-Hylton's bredda, Lovel Palmer is by virtue of his work rate, disciplined appproach to the game, and the ability to follow instructions. I saw him play in the USA game we won at 'The Office' and it was clear what his instructions were and he played it purposefully (at wingback). With the absence of an experienced player for that position, I think he will play that position better than most. At this point I don't see him getting a starting role in midfield (his natural position). Demar Phillips needs to sort out his defensive role at the wingback position.

The closest thing we have to a playmaker outside of Jermaine Hue is Jobi Joshua Frederick McAnuff. If only Jermaine could increase his work rate. I expect Jobi to have a more dominant role coming out of midfield in the Panama game.

I expect the usual solid game from the rest of the team and I just hope Mr. Jermaine Taylor doesn't let me down with any rash decisions near or inside the 18 yard box.

This won't be a pretty game based on the history between these two teams, as well as Jamaica's inability or unwillingness to keep the ball for long periods; we need to increase our technical proficiency.

Nevertheless, JAMAICA to the world by 2 clear goals.

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