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The Reggae Boyz v Honduras June 11, 2013

We have beaten Honduras away from home once before. Based on how the teams are now positioned in the group, we MUST do it again in order to have at least a play-off chance to reach RIO 2014.

They have scored 14 goals against us when we have played there in 8 matches; we have scored 4 against them when we have played there.

I hear the fat lady rehearsing in the dressing room, and this game obviously will determine how far up the RIO mountain we will go. Jamaica MUST win this game; although we are the only team in this round of matches without a win.

What I have put forward as my team and strategy is solely based on the players now available for selection. There are other players I would have included in the squad.

Ricketts, Mariappa, Gordon, Powell, Woodbine, McCleary, Austin, Beckford, Robinson, Elliott, Daley

Teddy Johnson, Jermaine Hue, Ryan Johnson, Lovel Palmer, K Daley

I did not factor Lovel Palmer into the formation because obviously he is not in the team at the moment, why? I don’t know. He is much too multi-faceted to be left out of the squad.
      Gordon                  Mariappa
       Daley               Austin                  Woodbine
     Powell                        Elliott
                                              McCleary (Hue)
Robinson (Teddy) Beckford (R Johnson)

Our major problem is the creation of good scoring opportunities and scoring goals. If you look closely at the formation, there are triangles all over the place. Any pass must be supported by two other passes, even if the players are marked; the pass should be available. This is a branch of the 5-3-2 formation, however, can still be classified as 4-4-2, depending on how you choose to look at it and how the players are used.

I must add that commendation must be given to the coaching staff for squad selection. Although, the squad could be a little deeper, however, so be it.

Give Alvas Powell a free role, his burly presence, speed and stamina must be imposed on the opposing team, he has the goods. Give Alvas, McCleary and Robinson the flank to exploit.

Scenario 1 (Right Side)
If Alvas goes to get a cross over, McCleary drops to support, Daley and Austin step up and Elliott covers. Robinson to cross over to the back post and Beckford comes near post for the cross. An alternative can be an inside pass for Austin to shoot from outside the box.

Scenario 2 (Right Side)
If Robinson goes to get a cross over, Alvas supports, Daley and Austin step up and Elliott covers. McCleary goes back post and Beckford comes near post. I have given the alternative already.

Scenario 3 (Right Side)
If McCleary goes to get a cross over, Alvas supports, Daley and Austin step up and Elliott covers. Robinson goes back post, Beckford comes near post. Alternative already established and not restricted to Austin taking the shot.

The only difference on the left side is that Beckford would not be going out on the flank, McCleary would have to double up there, if winded, Woodbine can come into action with Elliott filling that gap left when Woodbine comes forward. I want Beckford inside to meet the crosses with headers on goal.

The defense is really doing what it is to do and I would not change anything other than to remain alert for the entire game.

If the attack breaks down, or is not on, it is important we maintain possession of the ball; the Reggae Boyz will burn less energy this way.

I would bring on Teddy Johnson in the second half for Robinson or Beckford, although I think Robinson would be more winded because he would be shouldering more responsibility.

I would bring on Hue for McCleary and urge Hue to give 100% while on the pitch, because he is not being asked to play the entire match. The only thing I would need from Hue consistently are those searching passes to hit Beckford or Teddy in the box, they will have to do the rest. I am also sure Alvas Powell will find himself in the mix, and I am quite comfortable with that because he gets back to position quite easily. There are many other variations of attack I can come up with, but those are the ones with a higher probability of scoring, ‘In My View’.

We need to have the Hondurans (Los Catrachos) thinking about what we are going to do. Los Catrachos have qualified for the World Cup as recent as 2010 in the same group as the revered Spain. However, they finished bottom of the table just as in 1982. Of note is that Honduras have defeated the USA, drew with Mexico and lost to Costa Rica and Panama in these round of matches thus far.

I need to have that fat lady gagged, so Jamaica…….YOU KNOW WHAT IS REQUIRED.

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