Sunday, 16 June 2013


This is a dress rehearsal for the Samba Boys at home for World Cup 2014. I guess most of the Brazil fans expect a victory at home, however, I don't think it will be that easy. There is a reason Brazil is now ranked 22 in the world with even Mexico being rated 17 above them (FIFA Rankings).

Things have gone according to plan for the brand names countries i.e. Brazil, Italy, Spain, no surprises here. The teams have brought out the heavy artillery for this tournament, however, the Samba Boys will have to prevent teams getting on top of their 18 yard box so easily if they are to stand a chance in this tournament and have any chance at a World Cup victory next year. You could see a 22nd rated team playing a 32nd rated team in Brazil against Japan; although Japan looked technically proficient. Brazil's 3 nil victory was indeed expected yet impressive.

Spain did their usual stifling possession display against Uruguay winning 2 goals to 1, although Luis 'Biter Man' Suarez peach of a free kick had Casillas looking like a schoolboy goalkeeper; totally beaten. Spain as usual played open and free flowing and did their defensive work by keeping possession of the ball; 71% possession to be exact.

Italy did what was needed for their victory with the maestro Pirlo showing his class taking a beautiful free kick of his own; goalkeeper had no chance. Chicharito converted a penalty for Mexico with a 1-1 half time scoreline. The Insane One Balotelli brushed aside his marker to slot home for Italy's 2-1 victory over Mexico.

Nine goals from 3 matches and nine different scorers, this is the football I love to watch. And the goals are coming from players at various positions. What I love most of all is that players are kicking from distance and scoring, which is something I always advocate, as the goalkeeper is closer to his line and has more area to cover; he doesn't have much chance to cut angles.

I am impressed so far with what I have seen, and can't wait to see what Tahiti and Nigeria have to say for themselves.

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