Friday, 12 April 2013

The True Heroes

In my own little way I try to be a part of anything positive mainly if it has to do with children or impressionable youngsters.

I watched a documentary recently about a lion pride in Africa. It was concentrated around them, but it encapsulated other species of animals and how they cared for their young. What was most amazing to me throughout all the species was that their most prized possession was their young. All the activities was geared to ensuring continuity of their species and the roles the adults played were carefully defined. It would stand to reason that if mankind is the most intelligent on the planet, we would take the care of our young to another level....I hope.

In business there are short term, medium term and long term plans. We continually hear how much each person owes due to the Jamaican National debt (even the children), and I wonder if we are serious about the future our children will inherit. One of the main problems in my view is a lack of identity; yes we ride on the wave of Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, Blue Mountain Coffee, Gracekennedy and other things uniquely Jamaican, however, my good friend Errol Whittle one stated that 'in Jamaica people have problem paying water rate, but not holding back on buying champaigne', this is such an absolute truth. Okay so we all want the finer things in life but are we going to roll the dice on our childrens' future to get these finer things? We see the lifestyle of other opulent countries and think that the lifestyle is by some accident, they obviously have the resources to maintain this lifestyle. We need to put things in perspective as Jamaicans and get our thinking right.

My true heroes in this country are our teachers, and I am talking mainly about the ones that take on the profession without even thinking about the financial reward. Teachers are our national builders....full stop. I really need to see more respect being shown to them from Government, students and parents, because without teachers a country shall perish. Teachers have the ball (our children) in their hands, we can't afford for them to drop the ball. As far as I am concerned, teachers and children are the foundation of any country.

I don't live in a vacuum and of course at times I like to 'bling' and 'bazzle' just like anyone else, but that can't be the focus. Just to reiterate something I wrote earlier, we need to get the thinking right and know where the main focus should be.

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