Tuesday, 30 April 2013

One Important Week For The Reggae Boyz

The period June 4 to June 11, 2013 will be one of the most important week for our National team. We play two games at home and one away in our WCQ for Rio 2014 (not Rio Cobre).

Without even knowing what the outcome of the other games are likely to be, if we do not get at least 6 points from these games we will not be going to Rio 2014.

Montesso himself said "We must get our tactics right", indeed we must. Our games are as follows:
  • June 4 against Mexico at home
  • June 7 against USA at home
  • June 11 against Honduras away
Our next game after that series will be September 6 away to Panama our nemesis. In order to even make that Panama game worthwhile The Reggae Boyz must win two of these games to bring us back to where we need to be for a run at a berth in Rio 2014.

Tappa needs to take risks, because trying to play cautious in order to 'not lose' is stifling this team. I was not a big Tappa fan in his playing days for one simple reason, even with all his skills and ball-handling; when he was heavily marked or roughed up, he would disappear. The team seems to now play like that......hmmm. When things are tight and pressurized we lose sight of the objective and seem out of sorts and willy nilly.

We are not playing in the European Qualifiers where in my estimation we would have been out already, the teams in Europe are much stronger. We are not to be struggling in our neck of the woods here in CONCACAF. I am not belittling the teams in my current region but the facts are the facts.

There is talk of the need for a deadly striker up front and a clinical finisher, and while I agree to a point, we are not lending ourselves to scoring opportunities and shots on target. If we were creating a plethora of chances and the forwards were misfiring that's another argument, but we are not doing that.

Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein

We lack imagination in our play against tough opponents and seem to not have knowledge of our tough opponents. Against tough opponents is when we need to be more creative, systematic, and analytical in our approach, and this must start from the bench (our coach). If this is too much to ask of my National coach well so be it, but anyone standing in that position and leading The Reggae Boyz, I will have no less expectation.

Our positive result in the Azteca is now seeming more and more like a fluke. I see no follow through and with an expecting populace, who have increased knowledge of world football and what is happening outside of our shores, Tappa will have some very hard questions to answer going forward.

Athletics alone can't give us hope and soothe our sorrows, we need football in the mix to help do the same. With the economic climate as it is, people are still going to come out to support The Reggae Boyz, we will need something to cheer about.

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