Monday, 8 April 2013

Seeing Into The Future

I was in church this past Sunday April 7 at my usual place of worship Christ Church Vineyard Town. When I tell my friends that I am also a member of the church choir, deafening silence follows. I tell my friends they don't do background checks so I'm

As I sat and listened to Rt. Rev. Dr. Robert Thompson, Suffragan Bishop of Kingston, I glanced in the direction of my son in the congregation (he sat in the middle) and our (me and my son's) eyes fastened to each other; it was if I was watching a movie. My attention left the Suffragan Bishop for an instant as he spoke about the timing of carnival and that the Jamaicans misrepresent when carnival should be; which should be before Lent. He also broke down the meaning of carnival too; the flying flesh (seems quite appropriate).

I saw in my son all that is well with the world and how a generation to come will right a lot of our current wrongs. He was too far to speak to me but it was as if he was actually conversing with me; this may have been the Lord manifesting himself in a form which I have to get used to. Much of what transpired at that moment eludes me but I know it was enlightening and refreshing (believe it or not all this happened in some seconds, just like a flash). They say the Lord moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform, this may have been one of them. I know I can take what my good friend Richard Mills said this past weekend also and put it here, he said 'I believe Jesus did all that the Bible said he did' and I concur.

We (The Jamaican People) can enlighten the world, we are doing it with athletics, reggae and robotics. Forget New York, we are the ultimate melting pot. Frankly I am not a pessimist, I view the glass as half full. We are all well aware of the problems, and we are not short of experts bemoaning this fact. However, for some strange reason, suggestions put forward that are plausible, viable and practical that logically can alleviate some of our problems aren't seeing the light of day. I liken this to hearing that reggae has 'gone to the dogs' and of the dearth of good songwriting in this country, and I wonder what the hell are people talking about.

I go to Youtube and listen a Taurus, Chronixx, Protoje, Jahdore, Ras Charmer, Kabaka Pyramid, and I could go on for a while with that list and I don't see this dearth in talent anywhere. I could go further with the recently concluded Boys & Girls Championships; the future is bright. However, if we don't find a way to harness, multiply and exploit our own advantages, and ensure we are rewarded financially for our efforts, 'The Revolving Door Syndrome' will continue to stagnate and stifle us. And that brief interaction with my son in church, our future would have found a way to disappoint it.

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