Friday, 13 June 2014


The win for Holland over Spain is not surprising, it is humiliating. In previous blogs I have highlighted the chink in the Spanish armour; the diagonal pass behind the centre backs. This was used by Holland in three of the five goals scored. Spain can't seem to handle this pass at all, and Holland did this in the last World Cup 2010 but never converted; no such luck for Spain this time around.

It is now evident why Ikar Casillas is not seeing much playing time at Real Madrid this season. This is sheer lack of confidence by the seasoned custodian. The third goal was scored due to Casillas lack of command in his own six-yard box. Instead of going to collect confidently he went up timidly to swat away, bouncing and falling when the Holland defender went up for the header, Stephan de Vrij made no mistake with the rebound on the far post. The four goal was carelessness on the part of Casillas, no review necessary on this one.

Failure to convert also weighed on the Spanish team. Being one up and with a glorious chance to go two up, instead of driving hard and low to the far post, David Silva opted to lob Cillessen in goal for Holland, who managed to get a finger on it and the ball went wide of target.

Holland looked crisp and sharp, fit and ready, which in turn seemed to put Spain totally off their game. Ramos and Pique don't work well as the centre backs. Pique will always be susceptible to speed and dribbling, del Bosque has to address this quickly.

Robben and Van Perse were ruthless, and if they are to shrug off the 'choker' moniker that has dogged the Netherlands from the 1970's, they need to do more of this.

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