Thursday, 23 January 2014


I heard part of what Principal Murray said on the sports news in regards to his decision to bar Vashon McCarthy from participating at the 2014 Boys Champs............frankly I am still lost.

What I heard from Principal Murray is that Vashon has not trained at the school since September 2013. IN MY VIEW there is some gross miscommunication taking place here. Vashon is a National Age Group Champion, so his ability is not in question. Furthermore, this case is not unique, there have been stellar athletes during the years not training at their school but under guidance from coaches outside of the school; as stated by Hubert 'Mr Info' Lawrence in his article,

Why is this even an issue?

I understand what Principal Murray is saying to some degree, but if there is an issue, here is what I would do.....just my two cents,

  • Call Vashon to my office and state my position regarding his training outside of the school programme, and ensure he understands my position ( I don't get the impression Principal Murray communicated with Vashon).
  • Call Vashon's mother and do the same thing (can be done via phone)
  • Call the Ascot coach 'McLaughlin' and aprise him 
  • Call Vashon's 'extra lesson coach' Vassell and do the same thing (can be done via phone)
  • If necessary call all of them to a meeting at my office and make sure everyone is on the same page
Why is this even an issue?

This did not need to reach here. The only one that will be impacted the greatest in all of this either way is Vashon McCarthy.

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