Monday, 20 January 2014


Happy New Year friends.

Regarding Jamaican 16 year old discus and shot put phenom Vashon McCarthy from Ascot High School, let me start off by saying we really should hear from the Ascot principal in all of this. Barring an athlete due to assistance from another coach (outside of the school), in my estimation is bordering on lunacy.

I distinctly remember a Camperdown female discuss thrower (her name eludes me now) coming over to Kingston College to be helped by Leo Brown during his tenure at KC; I don't think her school barred her from the Girls Championships. There obviously has to be more to this story as I can't logically see the need to bar a student based on that fact only.

I am all for discipline prevailing in High Schools in all circumstances, but barring McCarthy based on help from another coach just does not make any sense to me at this point.

Vashon is an exceptional athlete, and as far as I am concerned, these types of athletes (even though in High School) should be treated as such. We need to go the extra mile to facilitate them so they can reach optimum performance and potential (without breaking the rules, but bend them slightly). I really don't want Vashon to be thrust into the 'where are they now category' in the future.

This thrower Vashon is a national treasure and I reiterate, should be treated as such, Principal Murray we need to know what is going on with Vashon. The 'no comment' response nah really fly right now. Furthermore, Vashon mother is 'cross, angry and miserable'.

There were once calls for Bolt not to go pro so young.....I am sure glad he didn't go pro so young

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