Thursday, 16 May 2013


There are a few things that have seemingly eluded my notice until recently. Nevertheless, I find them leaving me befuddled to say the least; downright confused.

  • When did teachers become unable to discipline children at school?
  • When did children get the rite to walk by an adult without saying hello or good morning?
  • How come if a child misbehaves after countless warnings him/her can't be given a good slap?
  • When did parents get the rite to berate teachers in front of students?
  • No prayer in schools?
  • Children DEMANDING things from their parents?
My list is quite exhaustive, however, these are the most mind-boggling I wanted to highlight. I am all for the rites of the child and the whole 9 yards, but children are children and need to be kept in check and disciplined. Children are our offspring not the other way around.

We readily have access to information now more than ever and I see the social degradation occurring due to some of these things. We can't stop our children being exposed to things, however, we must keep pace with what is happening, at least.

My son came home one day complaining that I allowed his teacher to punish him. My simple question was 'and...........?'

We may all think our children are Angels and at times they are.....but not all the time. There is only one thing that I constantly ask of my child, and that is to 'do your best and let God take care of the rest'

I honestly think that the majority of our adolescents have no idea that there are consequences to their actions. The sense of entitlement being shown in some areas is crazy and believe it or not, this sort of thinking will impact everybody.

Some of our policies need to be revisited.

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