Friday, 26 July 2013


In comes new coach Winfried Schaefer. 
If we go back to one of my previous blogs, and as much as it hurt me to write that, things have actually gone in that direction. In local parlance, ‘it gots to take a miracle’ for Jamaica to reach Rio 2014; make no joke about that.

We now heap the hopes of a nation on Schaefer and knowing our mentality as an unforgiving football nation, if we don’t reach the World Cup next year I can hear the following questions blaring out from all angles,

  • Maxwell, Pryce or Duckie could not have done any worse why couldn’t one of them get the job?
  • All that and wi still nuh reach?
  • JFF don’t know what them doing, why don’t they get rid of Burrell?
  • Why them never mek Tappa finish the job then?
 On the flip side and we do reach the World Cup next year the statements would go like this,

  • Maxwell, Pryce or Duckie can’t manage this ya now
  • Is a good thing Schafer come
  • Burrell is a genius
  • Long time dem fi get rid of Tappa
Well I am going out on a limb here and say Schaefer is here for the 2018 World Cup and not to actually get us to this one. Schaefer has a penchant for nurturing young talent and Alvas Powell will benefit greatly from his being here. We may see a totally different team come September 2013 against Panama who knows.

For one thing is certain, coaches don’t take jobs like these or in situations like these without certain conditions; exit Montesso and Gama already. That was a no-brainer because normally the coaches have their team that they already work with anyways. We wait to see what Burrell sweetened the deal with for Schaefer to get him here.

What is confusing is that Tappa has not formally resigned or am I mistaken?
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